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beautiful images of real moments and genuine emotion. 

Located in San Jose, California  |  Serving the Bay Area

Some Kind Words

"We booked a session with Andria to photograph us and our two young children. It was a lot of fun and the photos really captured the spirit of the moment and of our children. Andria has a natural talent not only for great lighting and composition, but most importantly capturing the true essence of our children at play. We will undoubtedly refer back at these photos as our children age to remember this stage of our lives.

Andria has a great sense of humor that put us at ease and made for our most enjoyable photo session, ever. Gone are the painful attempts to get that perfect photo where everyone is simultaneously smiling, looking at the camera, well coiffed, ... you know. She just has a knack for recording great moments that make you smile when looking back on them."

- Matt

"Our children were naturally drawn to Andria. She is very personable and made the photo session very easy. Her photography captured beauty beyond what I thought we experienced the day we took photos. We were beyond pleased and quite frankly blown away by the images she achieved from our photo session. I look forward to the next time and am very thankful to her."

- Nedda

"Andria, your pictures are stunning!!!  You are so talented.  Thank you so much for these amazing photos!"

- Shoshana

"OMGGGG the pictures are unreal!!! I just quickly glanced through all of them before Bella's nap, and I’m freaking out they’re so good. I thought Bella was being so uncooperative that day and we wouldn’t get many good ones. You got so many!!! They’re amazing. I want to print some for sure for a little gallery wall. I need to look through all of them and tell you the ones I love so much. Like the picture of Sam tossing Bella on the bed! And the one with us reading to her! And the ones where she’s nursing. And the bed ones. Ahhh, all so sweet!!!! And the last one with her back and she’s playing on the bench. Thank you so much!!!!"

- Tali

"Thank you so much Andria! They are truly magical photos.  Really amazing."

- Elizabeth