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Hello World! I'm 1...

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a sweet little girl who just turned one. I photographed her when she was brand new and then again when she was about 6 months old. It is so fun to see how these little squishy newborns quickly turn into big babies with a lot of personality.

At one year old, this little cutie is on the cusp of walking and is so interested in the world around her. Whatever item was within her grasp, she wanted to check out. And her expressions!!! There was no question how she felt about things. It didn’t matter what face she made, everything she did was adorable.

One of the most funny aspects of this shoot was that she desperately wanted to be best friends with the family dog and the dog did not want to be friends with her. He is like the indifferent older brother. He tolerated her but refused to return her kisses or cuddles. It didn’t phase her through! She just kept right on trying, ever hopeful.

What is lacking from the dog is clearly made up for by her parents. They absolutely adore her, which is evident every single time they look at her. And what is so special about this is when she is older seeing these photographs, there will be no doubt in her mind how much she is cherished by her parents.

I hope that your little people are getting a ton of hugs, kisses and love this weekend!

~ Andria

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