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Why I Come to Your Home for Baby Sessions

When you are considering where to have your baby photos done, you are basically looking at two options: in a studio or in your home.

Going to a studio can be an appealing draw for many parents because then they don’t have to do anything to their home. Life with a baby is messy. There is stuff everywhere and it isn’t always the most attractive. Tired parents are just getting from one moment to the next. It can feel overwhelming to muster the energy to tidy up. I get it.

Here though is why I think despite how your home looks, it is still worth the effort to have a photographer come to your house: Your home is inextricably you. What your house looks like, the state that it is in, all the baby paraphernalia, the way you feel in your home at this moment incorporating a new life in to your family, all this helps fuel that feeling of authenticity into your photographs.

Being in your own home is where you feel the most comfortable, where your baby feels the most comfortable, and all that translates into more genuine photographs.

What I photograph is feeling, is connection, is the uniqueness of your family. And the best opportunity to capture that is in your home.

In ten years, when you are looking back at these memories, you will want to see the details of your life. That is what will trigger the emotions you feel right now. And that is the point, really: to relive this very brief, special time.

If having beautiful, genuine baby photos appeals to you, I would love to chat more! Email me at and let's start talking:-)

~ Andria


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