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What Do New Moms Really Need? | San Jose Baby Photography

With my first baby, I had no idea what I was going to need. What situations would we find ourselves in? Would we need bottles? Cloth diapers or disposable? Does a wiper warmer really work? And what about that monitor that sends an alarm to my phone if the baby stops breathing? The list of my questions went on and on…. And because I didn’t have answers, we had a lot of stuff to cover all possible options. In reality, it turned out that we didn’t need most of it :-)

By the third baby, I pretty much knew what worked for us and what didn’t. My biggest lesson was that we didn’t need as much as stores, websites, and magazines told us we needed to buy. A lot of experienced moms feel the same. In talking with some moms who are expecting their second and third babies, I’ve compiled a list of the top items they are making sure to have this time around (in no specific order):

What are these moms living with out this time around? Anything big that takes up a lot of space. To quote one mom, “Baby stuff seems to multiply without much effort, and the big footprint stuff {is} in our experience, a huge waste of space and money.”

I hope these recommendations help you in your baby planning!


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