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Contemporary Photo Albums | San Jose Family Photography

Andria Grodzinsky Photography page of photo contemporary baby album with a mom holding her baby's hand

Why An Album?

It is hard to anticipate now how meaningful a photo album will be for you in the future. But I promise, it will be. All of sudden, your will look up and see that your little baby is five and heading off to kindergarten, and as exciting as that is, part of your heart will break a little because he is just so big and independent and you miss that teeny tiny baby who you could snuggle into the crook of your neck. Or she will be eight and will keep asking over and over to hear the details of when she came into the world. She will want the story of her becoming and you will want to have this beautiful treasure to pour over together. And she will see that from the very beginning, she was loved and adored.

Andria Grodzinsky Photography baby album showcasing a black white image of a newborn looking at the camera

More Meaningful Than Digital Images

It is one thing to scroll through images on a computer or phone. It is entirely different to be able to hold a book of photos in your hand. The tactile experience allows you to sink into an image, to go back to that moment, to savor that feeling. We spend more time with an image when we can hold it, and these are the memories worth sinking into.

Andria Grodzinsky Photography Newborn photo album showing a black and white photo of a dad kissing his baby

Album Details

Life gets busy, and with a new baby or an active toddler, it doesn’t get any calmer. You need this done for you because even with the best intentions, time can get away from you. And the quality of this album is worthy of some of your most precious memories. Let’s talk details:

  • Lay flat pages allow your photos to be displayed in the most flattering way.

  • Thick, luxurious press paper with a rich, matte finish

  • Between 10-12 page spreads

  • Linen cover, 5 color choices

  • Personalized photo design - each album is designed specifically for you with the best display and story telling organization for your photos

I would love to chat more about this and the other services I offer! Email and let's set up a time to talk :-)

~ Andria


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