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How To Prepare For Your Newborn Session

A Newborn Photo Session should be a fun, enjoyable experience! Here are three ways to make sure you are prepared so you can get the most out of your in-home session:

Prepare Your Session Time

The best time to book a Newborn Session is before you have your baby. Based on your due date, I can make sure I will have availablity around that time, and then once baby is born, we can settle on the exact date. This helps you make sure it will happen because honestly, after your baby comes, life gets really busy and time gets away from you. Scheduling a photographer can easily fall to the wayside in the wake of all that needs to be done to care for a baby. The window of newborn-ness is incredibly short, so planning ahead definitely ensures this fleeting phase is captured.

Prepare Your Home

The first thing I will be looking for when I get to your home is where is the best light! Opening all of your curtains and blinds and turning off indoor lights will let me quickly see where the best spot is to photograph.

Heat! A baby needs to be warm. Normally, you will have him/her wrapped up and cozy. For photographs though, we will want to see his/her little hands, chubby thighs, and adorable belly. To keep your little one happy in just a diaper or onesie, have your house temperature set to about 80 degrees 30 minutes before I arrive. If that is impossibly hot for you, an alternative is to have a space heater that we can use to warm up the area where we decide we are going to do photographs.

If you are able to play music and run a white noise machine, it will have a wonderfully soothing effect on your baby. They tend to be calmer and happier when they aren't startled by sudden noises.

A note about cleaning: You'll have just had a baby. Do as little or as much as you are comfortable with. Seriously. I promise I will make no judgments :-). I'm a good tidier-upper, and can whip up a clean space for our photographs in no time.

Prepare Your Baby

A full baby is a happy baby. Feed baby shortly before the session starts so he/she is drowsy and comfortable. And expect to feed at least once during the session. Even if you normally have a feeding schedule, in this one case, it is best to be flexible, for your own and baby's stress level.

Take a deep breath. Your baby will respond to how you feel, so if you are relaxed, your baby will be relaxed. Everything your baby can and will do during a photo session is normal and expected. I will get great shots no matter what happens. There is no perfect baby or perfect family. There is your baby and your family and we will make this special, unique time beautiful!


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